Celebrate. Support. Partner.

WOWT 6 News is On Your Side and supporting the local business community. We Are Local is a unique initiative that celebrates, supports and partners with area businesses. Your decision to support our partnering businesses strengthens our economy and helps your neighbors, friends and community. WE ARE LOCAL!

Shopping local helps us all

Consumers have more choices than ever of where to shop and spend their money. Supporting local business makes a big difference. It strengthens our local economy by keeping money in our community while stimulating opportunity, enterprise and jobs. It supports community relationships and bonds us by locality, familiarity and shared needs.

It keeps our community healthy and intact by keeping our money where our heart is.

Advertising Tips How are customers finding you?

The buying cycle

Every customer will go through a buying cycle of awareness, interest, consideration and conversion. We cannot buy from, or do business with those we are not aware of. A business should be known before they are needed. The key to this is building brand equity within mediums with broad reach while also getting frequency.

Three pillars

Reach, frequency and consistency are key when advertising. To reach your potential customer, do it with frequency and consistently. There are today customers and tomorrow customers. The key to getting both is have enough brand equity and name recognition that you are thought of before your competition. As you have built name recognition, use tactics that help convert your customer.

The message

Reaching the right audience at the right time is important, but just as important is having the right message. Whether you are using TV & OTT, social media, email marketing or any other tactic, your message needs to speak to the customer. It needs to be creative, engaging and in the end show the benefits they will gain by buying from you.

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